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We manufacture wide range of Forging Screw Presses in all capacity from 10 tons to 1500 tons in steel fabricated frames in different designs in order to meet exact requirement of our customer. The most modern designed machine incorporates several outstanding technical features which ensure its highest rank among other machines. Our wonderful forging presses are available in both mechanical & Pneumatic controlled varients. Our machines cater to the varied industrial requirement of our customers.

  • Friction Screw Press (Down-Stroke) Model-FSP.

  • Friction Screw Press with Pneumatic Control.

  • Forging Screw Press (Up-Stroke) Model-SPL.

  • Forging Screw Press (Up-Stroke) Model-VFP.

  • Friction Forging Screw Press Model-SPL.

  • Four Column Friction Screw Press Model-FPB.

  • Pneumatic Power Press.

  • Power Press H-Frame.

  • Power Press C-Frame.

  • Forging Press.