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Birson Industries is a leading name in the design and manufacturing of Friction Screw Presses (Down-Stroke), Forging Screw Presses (Up-Stroke) & Power Presses in India. Our Company has been assisting the Indian economy in the area of Heavy Duty Fasteners, Automobile industries, Defence, Hardware Industries, Electricals Industries, Earth Moving and mining, construction, Agriculture equipment, Railway, Steel Plant, wind energy, Research and Technology, Medical Equipments, Aircraft and Aerospace industry & General Engineering, Cutlery, Hand Tools Industry through supply of its Machines not only in domestic market but also in International Market. We are exporting our products to more than countries across the world i.e. America, Argentina, Denmark, Malaysia, Sri Lanka, U.A.E., Russia, Poland, Indonesia, Kenya, Nepal, Romania, Bangladesh and into the major countries of Africa.